Micro Fund

The Micro-Fund is designed to support content creators who are focused on developing video content for consumption on a mobile platform (tablets and smart-phones). The funding will help to support their efforts in ensuring that the stories are designed for the mobile consumption and distribution medium which favors smaller screens and quick downloads or compressed streaming architectures.

This requires a different approach in script-writing, producing and editing. At this initial stage, the preferred platform for distribution will be Youtube videos. We will expand the coverage to include other platforms in the future.

Eligible Project Categories
Eligible Project Categories Format
Micro Content Short Stories
Video Logs
Music Videos
Eligibility Criteria
  • Malaysian above 18 years old
  • Not a non-discharged Bankrupt
  • Original IP
  • No double dipping
  • Submission of income tax filing for the latest year
  • Maximum funding for Micro Fund is RM 5,000
Proposed Required Output

Youtube video no less then 3 minutes

How to Apply?

Please be informed that, application for our funding is closed until further notice.