Marketing Fund

To enhance the distribution and marketing of quality Malaysian films across traditional and alternative release platforms.

Eligible Project Categories
A) Advertising & Promotion (A&P)
Eligible Project Categories Format
Film & TV Series
Feature Film
Animation Animated Series
Animated Feature Film
Eligibility Criteria
  • Company incorporated in Malaysia
  • PUC > RM50k
  • Malaysian owned (+50%)
  • Active FINAS licenses (Production and Distribution)
  • Applicant to have received accreditation from any accreditation bodies local or overseas (at least one member of the organisation)
  • Not subject to a winding up order
  • Not having an active government grant above RM250k
  • Submission of income tax filing for the latest year
  • The applicant fulfils at least One (1) of the following:
    1. the applicant has a minimum of Two (2) years track record in the development of creative works whether as an outsourced service provider or in creation of original works; OR
    2. where the applicant has been in operation for less than Two (2) years, the applicant must have a minimum of Five (5) fulltime staff whereby at least Fifty Per Cent (50%) are production staff with at least Two (2) years of track record of delivering projects whether as an outsourced service provider or in the creation of original works .
How to Apply?

Please be informed that, application for our funding is closed until further notice.