Co-Production Fund

The Co-Production Fund is designed to provide financial assistance to a project within the Eligible Project Categories to be co-produced by a Malaysian company and one or more foreign company(ies).

Eligible Project Categories
Eligible Project Categories Format
Film & TV Series
Feature Film
Short Films or
Original Web Series
Animation Animated Series
Animated Feature Film
Digital Games Mobile Apps
PC Online
Digital Music Single Music Release
Album Release
Music Video
New Media Promotion
Virtual & Augmented Reality Content n/a
Eligibility Criteria

Under Maintenance

Proposed Required Output
Eligible Project Categories REQUIRED OUTPUT INCLUDING
Film & TV The complete Series or Feature Film or Documentary
Animation The complete Animated Series or Animated Feature Film
Digital Games The complete and playable game
Digital Music The complete:

  1. single music release
  2. album release
  3. music video
  4. new media promotions (e.g. Apps, Facebook, YouTube, website)
Virtual & Augmented Reality Content The complete documentary evidence of Virtual & Augmented Reality Content project
How to Apply?

Please be informed that, application for our funding is closed until further notice.