About Us

The Content Malaysia Pitching Centre is an initiative designed to help Malaysian content creators and producers create good content with good entertainment values and is commercially appealing to viewers and the market. To achieve this goal, Malaysia will have to have good scriptwriters and producers.

To achieve the objective of the good scriptwriters and producers, the centre provides the industry with a physical facility where they can gather to attend workshops and master classes, participate in industry and community events, and interact with right buyers and distributors.

The outcome that we want to achieve, is to have an industry made up of the best script-writers and producers who will produce content that is both appealing and entertaining for the domestic and international market.

What We Do?
  • We help ensure that you write the best scripts that will leverage on the unique strengths inherent on different platforms ranging from videos on tablets and smart-phones, right up to the big digital cinema screens.
  • We help ensure that producers are matched with the right type of funding, for the right type of content at the right time.
  • We help ensure that you, the content creator, has access to programs that will help you learn or update the necessary skills to run a good content business. There will be a strong focus on business development, project management and talent management skills.

“Proud to Support the Next Generation of Digital Content Creators and Entrepreneurs”